• Starkville Oktibbeha Consolidated School District is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Director of Human Resources.


    Length of Contract: 12 Months (240 days)


    Job Responsibilities:           

    1. Supervises staff members as designated by the superintendent.
    2. Plans and directs a system for selection and assignment of the best-qualified personnel.
    3. Review assignments, transfers, dismissals, and promotions.
    4. Certifies classifications and salaries to the finance department.
    5. Maintains accurate records of all personnel and applicants.
    6. Administers provisions of law as it applies to personnel, and personnel policies.
    7. Develops and implement goal areas as defined by the District Strategic Plan.
    8. Organizes substitute teachers or substitute teacher agency and assigns them to schools as needed.
    9. Supervises and evaluates all staff of the human resources department.
    10. Prepares and distributes recruiting materials to potential employees.
    11. Confers with principals to determine needs for teachers of various licensed areas.
    12. Certifies eligibility of employees for employee benefits programs.
    13. Cooperates with college and university schools of education and with career guidance offices regarding applicants.
    14. Manages the employee grievance process as designee of the superintendent.
    15. Attends regular meetings of the superintendent’s staff and serves actively to improve communication, cooperation, and planning.
    16. Provides necessary research for successful salary and benefits administration.
    17. Counsels and advises applicants, probationary and permanent personnel.
    18. Provides necessary processing for issuance and renewal of state credentials.
    19. Makes timely announcements of dates to be observed by applicants and employees to comply with state and district requirements.
    20. Plans, develops, and revises human resources policy proposal, personnel handbooks and other related information in accordance with current needs.
    21. Responds to questionnaires, surveys, and correspondence from governmental agencies requesting information on the district’s human resources program.
    22. Assumes administrative responsibility for routine duties of the human resources department.
    23. Supports the superintendent in the administrative efforts; interprets the superintendent’s ideas and decisions to staff and public; keeps the superintendent informed of pertinent department developments and events; and seeks the superintendent’s counsel or decision as necessary.
    24. Engages in actively advocating, promoting, and securing the rights of all persons with particular reference to employees of the school system.
    25. Serves as the district resource relative to employment legislation and related regulations.
    26. Other duties as assigned by the superintendent.


    Minimum Qualification:

    1. Master’s Degree in related field.
    2. Three years of experience in human resource management
    3. Such other qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable
    4. Knowledge of federal employment and labor laws


    Desirable Qualifications:

    1. Administrative experience
    2. Certified by Human Resource Certification Institute with either PHR or SPHR
    3. Demonstrated leadership working with other personnel
    4. Knowledge of the laws of State of Mississippi and Mississippi Department of Education policies as they relate to human resources



    Apply online at www.starkvillesd.com